The Noble Fight, a poem

Right out of high school, I volunteered a school year as a TA at Valley Christian in Missoula, MT. Our school bus driver, a seasoned conservative pastor with a sense of humor, would rap to us on the road and remind the kids of their bus manners. At the end of the school year, he announced he was going into missions and wouldn’t be driving the route anymore. I wrote for him this poem as a parting gift.


The titles of this hardened world

Are often wrought with pain

Driven by a fearsome passion

To win a place of fame

Some would say the challenge grips

The fight for power burns

Within the fiery hearts of men

A zealous struggle turns

For what shall men raise their arms,

The valiant bare their might?

A righteous man, he’s given

To a hard and noble fight

Yea, the victor’s cry is quickly lost

All character left behind

If a man chases after things

Which only wound and bind

The Lord of them who live the call

Gives strength for true chivalry

The knight who yields to Wisdom;

His steps are just and free

So let the fight be a noble one

Which burns with passion sure

Toward a lofty aim, devotion true

And a meekness sweet and pure

-Abigail Wiggins, 2007

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