Determine Your Adventure


This morning, I almost missed it. I was in search of a grander adventure and staying home appeared second best.

Clouds were framing the horizon. No colors had yet shown themselves in the dawn. I thought I had left my alarm off for this morning and wished to catch up on some sleep. But promptly at 6:30 I was rudely called from my tossing and turning. “Ah seriously?” Were my first words of the day. This morning was going to be different- I had purposed it the night before. Stay home, catch up on housework, emails, writing… But that sky was waiting for me!

I can’t see the horizon from my windows. Ten trees and a row of houses are to thank for that. Thus, I hurriedly pulled on some outdoor gear and started collecting a few items… journal, camera, hat. During my prep, I had to step over random piles of clothes, camping gear that hadn’t yet found it’s home, a couple pairs of shoes, my bath towel. I felt bad for running off again.

“I’m only driving up to the ridge,” I told myself. “It’s gonna be a beautiful sunrise.”

The nagging feeling wouldn’t go away, however. What are you going to do when you are a Mom and can’t just up and leave for sunrise? was going through my head.

“Yeah, but I’m not a Mom,” I retorted. What kind of guilt trip was this?

Couldn’t the view from here be just as inspiring and peaceful? The voice asked again.

“Are you kidding me? With those colors that are bound to come, the view just wouldn’t be the same.”

You used to enjoy staying home and watching the sunrise when you were younger, it pressed.

I frowned. “I used to be able to see two mountain ranges from my house. So there.” But for some reason, I faltered in my readying. Ah! Time is a precious commodity; how was I going to spend it this morning?

In the end, I gave up. I really did enjoy the peacefulness of my home and I had a lot to get done today. Slowly, I began cleaning. Once done, I would sit down and have some quiet time. After folding the first few items, I glanced out the window to catch my colorful sunrise, broken up by ten trees and the row houses. But, there was an uncertain darkening in the sky. Strange, I thought. I went back to folding.

Some minutes later, I came to my window again and gasped. Fog! A thick, swirling, beautiful fog had rolled into town. I love fog. It felt like Thanksgiving; it brought everything closer to home. The street practically danced in its misty shadows. Hard edges of houses were softened. Layers of trees became apparent by deepening droplets. Two bundled-up individuals stepped off the sidewalk, wandering to the same lazy rhythm I was watching. The morning fell like a warm, comforting blanket.

“And I almost missed it,” I chided myself. For a long moment I stood there. “Alright, God, thank you for giving me beauty anyway. And I even got to stay warm in my house.”


Enjoy the Little Things, says the biggest decorative pillow stacked on my bench. How many times do I pass it by? This morning I was reminded that God is present in my everyday- as boring or simple as that may appear. He doesn’t need grand things to make grand adventures. He makes grand adventures out of thin air… or thick air in my case. Sometimes, I envy those who can stay home with sick children, putts around the house, pull some weeds in the back yard, break up a fight and do it all over again the next day. Strange; I used to wish for the life I have now. It’s just so easy to get caught up in choosing adventures for the sake of recognition. If it weren’t my set of current circumstances, I’d probably be keeping up with my image of a Pinterest wife, soccer mom, sucessful gardener, creative teacher, renowned seamstress, neighborhood hostess, and part-time massage therapist.

The human desire to love and be loved never vanishes. Thus, I’ve concluded, how we express our need for love doesn’t need to be timed out on the bench. It needs to get out on the field for practice. That’s the only way we can get better at realizing what swings produce a home run and which strike us and, unfortunately, our team out. To tame the act of loving and being loved simply because we are afraid to use it wrongly, would essentially destroy its effectiveness.

Bring it home. The environment you create inside is key. Inside your home, inside your work, inside your family, inside yourself.

Recently, I took a weekend trip with a couple gals from church. We were away 50 hours, spent 18 hours in the car, and it rained or snowed much more than desired. The point was to photograph the peak of Colorado’s fall colors. And that we did. I’ve never been on a trip where my companions championed the scenery so much and for so long. The atmosphere they created was electric because of their constant exclamations. Even after arriving at midnight to our first location, getting rained on, clouds covering our mountain views, dealing with sickness, camping and driving in the snow… the amount of gasping I heard, planning that took place, photos to fill an entire studio, happily misted eyes, Snapchatting, Instagraming, and giddiness that went on was overwhelming! My girlfriends created an atmosphere of absolutely loving anywhere we found ourselves. There was no bad place, there was no rotten scene. Only appreciation.

What a powerful lesson. My attitude toward the day and my contacts can affect more than I give it credit.

So, what’s the long and short for today?

Thanksgiving will change your perspective. It will allow you to love and be loved in a more wholesome way. Thanksgiving trumps adventure; in fact, thanksgiving creates an adventure of its own.

A. Wiggins

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