To Be a Leader

img_8132If you have been a leader for any length of time, you know that there will certainly come a day of confrontation or verbal disagreement. Perhaps this excited you, or this even terrified you… People-pleasing is checked at the door of honest, loving confrontation.

After a particularly hard year in 2018, I thought little was left of the ill-placed images connected to being an influential, well-loved leader. Then it happened. Insecurity grabbed me by the throat one night at small group, threatening to sabotage relationship, and it made me question my intentions. But, my intentions were for growth and truth. The evening resolved quite honestly and openly, including an apology. Goodbyes were said to my house guests. I had no more need for shame than a rain barrel had need of a lid.

Still the deceiver taunted me. “You messed up. They will reject you. You are too inadequate for this responsibility of leader.” I freaked. I played the piano to quiet my mind and calm my soul.

I decided to speak truth to myself in the form of poetry. What did a real leader look like? What were my goals, responsibilities and reasonable expectations…And not just for a small group, but for opportunities big and small in the future?

To Be the Leader

I am the leader

This is no small thing

I may lead them toward anger

I may lead them to sing


I am the hospitable leader

Whether in house or mind

May they hear from me their value

Find me willing and kind


I am the honest leader

I will correct their error

And do it in love

Not with pride or terror


I am the strategic leader

My responsibility is large

To look toward the future

And survey the charge


I am the patient leader

To scout the way

May mean to wrestle

With unexplained delays


I am the resourceful leader

Who develops the skills

Of my fellow man

To someday perform drills


I am the prayerful leader

When we are under attack

It will be with wisdom

I choose to fight back


I am the student leader

Who will not fear the fall

I learn from trial and triumph

And admit my faults


I am the playful leader

Who will always make time

To cultivate those interests

Which are uniquely mine


I am the grateful leader

My day will be riddled with praise

To Jesus my own leader and friend

Who gives me grace for the way


Abigail Wiggins



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